my500e MUSICA

Let your 500e play music instead of a boring noise!

Musica replaces the stock noise generator and lets you play custom sound files.

Easy to install and simple to configure with your smartphone! 

Select between the following sound settings:

Off plays the factory pedestrian warning sound

1 replaces the warning sound with sound-file #1 

2 will use sound #1 at standstill and switches to #2 as soon as the vehicle moves.

Set the desired volume level for Idle (played at standstill) and while driving.


Select the numbers of speed-steps according to the vehicle speed.


The "friendly horn" will be triggered with the red switch included in the package. Horn volume and sound are independent to the pedestrian warning system sound.



Musica can store MP3 sound files and has a capacity of approx. 2.3 Mb. More space than necessary, because the pieces are played in an endless loop so that the corresponding pieces only require very little storage capacity.

To adjust the sound files, we recommend Audacity, a free audio editor.




my500e Musica works with every 2013-2019 Fiat 500e.  

Musica acts like a Wi-Fi access point, settings can then be reached in the browser of your smartphone.

Installation is easy and usually takes about 15 minutes for an average skilled handyman. Thanks to the included instructions and connector, no wire cutting is needed. Your local repair shop will gladly install it for you, in case you're less talented.

The device is sold as a hobbyist electronics kit with no warranty, except for dead on arrival, but you can optionally purchase a 12 months warranty at checkout.

It is the buyer's responsibility to check local regulations regarding changes to the pedestrian warning system.

Design and functions may differ from the illustrations as the product is constantly evolving.