my500e MUSICA

How to install your custom sound generator

In order to get access to the connector of the factory sound generator, we need to remove the center console. 

Make sure the ignition is turned off!

The following tools are needed:

-Torx T25

-Torx T30

-12mm or multi step drill


-Remove screw #1 on the left hand side of the console

-Remove cover to get access to

-Screw #2 and remove it


-Remove screw #3 on the right hand side of the console

-Remove cover to get access to 

-Screw #4 and remove it


Remove the top cover of center console by

pulling upwards at the edge of the cover


-Unplug the LH & RH window regulator switches so you can move the top cover out of the way

-Remove the four screws (2x T25, 2x T30)


Pull the center console up- and backwards until it slides out


Unplug the sound generator, it's the module on the bottom with only one, white plug. In step 9, we'll connect it with the MUSICA module. Until then, stow it at a place where you can reach it easily when the center console will be back in place.


Drill two 12mm holes in the center console so you can install the black (On/Off) & red (horn) switches. Make sure you don't hit a cable or a module which sits behind.


Reinstall the center console, make sure the guides slide into the appropriate places



-Make sure the ignition is turned off

-Connect the red/black wire to the red switch

-Connect the blue/white wire to the black switch

In case you don't have the switches installed permanently to test the device, make sure to insulate the connectors, otherwise the board can get damaged if they touch one another!!!!

-Connect the white plug we've unplugged earlier to the my500e MUSICA module

-The module can be stored at the bottom of the center console

-Install the top cover, don't forget to plug the window regulator switches back in ;-)



Now it's time to turn the ignition on! Depending on the setting of the black on/off switch, the default sound should start approx. 2-3 seconds after start.

If there's no sound, the switch is in off position and the module started in Wi-Fi access point mode. Push the black on/off switch, turn the ignition off and a couple of seconds back on, the music should start now.

You can also take a look at the LED's through the vents of the module, the blue LED will indicate the state:

-blinking = it's in sound mode

-steady = Wi-Fi access mode


Wi-Fi Mode

How does it work

The red switch triggers the "friendly horn" sound, if the module isn't muted.

If the black switch is in ON position at startup, the sound will be audible right after start. Switching it to the off position will mute the sound immediately until you turn it ON again.

If the black switch is in OFF position at startup, the module starts in Wi-Fi access point mode. Take your phone and check for available access points, 'my500eMusica' should be showing up. Connect and enter 123456789 for the password.

Go to your browser and open to get to the settings screen.

It is the buyer's responsibility to check local regulations regarding changes to the pedestrian warning system.

Design and functions may differ from the illustrations as the product is constantly evolving.