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Wi-Fi Version released

Beta's finally finished for the Wi-Fi Version, with the latest firmware update the module works flawlessly.

The Wi-Fi version requires Internet access to connect to the vehicle (no peer to peer Wi-Fi connection available), you'll have to register to your local and/or mobile hotspot (2.4 Ghz only ), it will store credentials for up to 3 Wi-Fi hotspots. The Internet connection makes sure your device will allways be updated, as we can push firmware updates to the unit.

The following conditions must be met for use:
-WPA2 only, SSID must be visible and online

-Needs Android/iOS app to manage the Wi-Fi setup

It comes with 36 months of server-fees, the yearly renewal will be approx. USD 30 to 40, depending on the number of active units and the needed server infrastructure.

Prime-Edition Features are available as an extension to your subsciption on a yearly base for USD 35.