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Introducing: my500e Musica

my500e Musica

Would you like to change your Fiat 500e's pedestrian warning system to a unique sound? Then my500e Musica is something for you!

Upload MP3 or WAV files from your smartphone to the device and rock the street.

Simple installation (plug-and-play, no wire cutting) in 5-10 minutes!

Acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to your smartphone and lets you customize the sound of your Fiat 500e in multiple ways:

- Up to two sounds files: #1 for standstill, #2 while moving

- different Volume settings for standstill and while moving

- WAV files with speed dependend sound-speeds

- "Friendly-Horn" to warn pedestrians with a gentle honk (customizable sound and volume) from an extra push-button

- On/Off switch to mute the sound generator completely

- Factory noise as default, so you can always set it back easily

Introduction price: $99

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