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App V2.11, Firmware 8.9

 App V2.11 and Firmware 8.9 has been released with improvements and new functions.

The new firmware will be downloaded and installed automatically within the next 24h. You can trigger the update manually by restarting the telematics device (unplug for at least 30 seconds).



- minor design update

- door lock/unlock button now displays the lock-status, so no separate lock/unlock buttons are necessary

- outside temperature shown in status screen

- charge-now button has been extended with a charge-stop feature, but most folks will probably only want to use this function through the API, in connection with their PV system control system.

- 500e settings is now also able to set the vehicle language

- additional language packs available: french, dutch & ukrainian added. Many thanks to Nicolas, Menno & Andrii for their contribution!



- Precondition-Timer: timer #2 and #3 sometimes didn't get set properly

- additional small fixes