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my500e CONNECT changelog

 V2.12 and Firmware 9.0 (coming soon)


- Location will show a cell station based location search on non GPS devices. Please be aware, this method can only provide low accuracy because the cell size in GSM networks, especially in rural areas, is relatively large.



- Device time-zone settings will be stored and reapplied after a restart


V2.11, Firmware 8.9


- minor design update

- door lock/unlock button now displays the lock-status, so no separate lock/unlock buttons are necessary

- outside temperature shown in status screen

- charge-now button has been extended with a charge-stop feature, but most folks will probably only want to use this function through the API, in connection with their PV control system.

- 500e settings feature is now also able to set the vehicle language

- additional language packs available: french, dutch & ukrainian added. Many thanks to Nicolas, Menno & Andrii for their contribution!



- Precondition-Timer: timer #2 and #3 sometimes didn't get set properly

- additional small fixes


V2.02 (Beta), Firmware 8.7


- App redesign

- new Prime feature:

- Start/Stop precondition without app (only available for GSM devices), Tesla calls it "dog-mode", a nice way to keep your vehicle cool while shopping ;-)

--- Start: ignition needs to be turned on, vehicle in Park: press the steering wheel 'Mute' button 4-times within 5 seconds. If successfully, the turn signal indicator light will flash 'left' - 'right' - 'left' - 'right'. Precondition will start approx. 2 minutes after the doors of the vehicle have been closed.

--- Stop: 'dog-mode' will be cancelled as soon as the vehicle shifts into Drive or Reverse. If you'd like to cancel manually, turn ignition on and press the steering wheel 'Hang-Up' button 4-times within 5 seconds. If successfully, the the turn signal indicator light will flash 'left' and 'right' together (like the emergency flasher) two times.



Enhanced features:

- Door-Unlock with PIN: set a custom 4 digit (alphanumeric) Pin for additional security. 

- Door-Lock Status: vehicle door lock status will be shown on status screen



- Charge-Limiter/Timer: in order to prevent any issues with an incorrectly set charge-timer, it should only be set via the app

- additional small fixes and enhancements


V 1.04


- Small maintenance release
- reminder for subscription expiry
- preparation for upcoming API access


V 1.03


- automatic telematics time-settings
- check for correct time settings
- set vehicle-time for 2016+ vehicles

- new PRIME feature: Charge-Now
- new PRIME feature: Charge-Limiter
- new PRIME feature: Charge-Status notification by email
- new PRIME feature: Vehicle settings for 2016+ vehicles



- iPhone status bar color
- iPhone X home button overlap with task switch
- pre-condition settings with imperial units
- charge-timer for 2016+ vehicles