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Installation of your my500e Telematic-Module

Setup instructions for the Wi-Fi module can be found here

Please observe the following installation instructions carefully; warranty will be void if incorrectly installed or if the housing will be opened.

1. Remove the cover above the OBD connector by pulling the lower end of the cover backwards.

2. Insert the OBD connector through the opening and behind the covers to the OBD port and insert it there.

3. Watch the flashing of the LED's through the vents, at the beginning you should see green and red flashing, which after a while turns into a blue and red flashing.

4. After 4 minutes at the latest, the fast blue blinking should turn into a slow light and dark glowing (mixed with some red fast blinking aside), this is the signal that the telematics module is connected to the server.

US-Customers: due to the different GSM frequencies used, we can't properly pre-register the SIM card in advance. Please send us an email as soon as your unit is connected to the vehicle, we'll finish the registration process ASAP, but there might be a delay due to the different time-zone we have (GMT+1).

5. Secure the module to the green marked hole with the cable tie. Sometimes a small fuse-holder will be mounted at the assigned place, it's save to remove it and just stow it away.

6. Attach the antenna with the adhesive tape in place.

7. Devices with the optional GPS receiver: attach the GPS antenna (puck) to the shown location.

8. Put the cover back in place.

9. Now open the webapp in your smartphone's browser with the provided link