Finally a solution which will bring you back the nice features of the Fiat Access/Uconnect app and adds a smart precondition timer.

Works independently from the manufacturer in Europe, USA and Asia.

Screenshots, including options shown only available with the Prime-Edition


The status display gives you an overview of the current battery capacity, estimated range and charging status.


In addition, current mileage and the two trip counters can be displayed.


You'll also find a notification if and for how long the preconditioning has been enabled.


Tastes are different, that's why we've included a light and dark theme.


The Prime-Edition additionally monitors and displays the 12V battery.


Precondition with timer: select the time of day, weekdays and whether your Fiat 500e should be connected to the charger in order to be activated. 

The activation takes place independent of a connection to the smartphone to make sure the function is also available in garages with poor / no mobile phone reception.


Three timers are available so you can sit in a comforting vehicle virtually anywhere at any time and benefit from a better range in winter thanks to the simultaneous preconditioning of the battery.


Program the vehicle's built-in charging timer conveniently from your smartphone, it can also be easily deactivated as needed if your Fiat 500e has to be charged immediately.


Activate the vehicle and climate preconditioning at the touch of a button.


Key locked in the car? No problem, simply unlock the doors with your smartphone.


As you can see, there is still room on this screen left - additional features will be added here in the future. 


In addition, the Prime-Edition allows you to lock the vehicle by remote and activate charging - even if the charging timer is active.


In addition to the basic functions units, language and time, you can specify how long the preconditioning should last.

In order to prevent unpleasant surprises, the desired minimum battery capacity and range can be set, so you'll never find a perfectly preconditioned Fiat 500e with an empty battery.


With the Prime-Edition you can also set a charge limit (to save the HV battery) and an email notification to be informed about changes to the charging status. Owners of a 2016+ Fiat 500e can also edit the vehicle settings via the app.

Buy now for USD 299.00 369.00

includes server-fees and cell-data for one year, Prime-Edition + $35/year. 

Order now, to get the comfort of a connected vehicle!

Only for a short time: 1 year server & cell for free!

NEW: Wi-Fi version available


Plug&Play - the my500e module can be easily mounted underneath the dashboard and gets plugged into the OBD diagnostic port, done! An average skilled handyman can do it in 5 minutes, otherwise your local repair shop will gladly install it for you.

Operation is via a web app - no installation necessary and automatically always up to date!

Design and functions may differ from the illustrations as the product is constantly evolving.

Our customers say:

"Especially on colder days it is a real joy to enter
my pre-heated Fiat 500e in the morning."

Michael S.

"Finally! I've been waiting for a long time to be able to check my 500e's remaining range on my smartphone.

Remote preconditioning was perfect during summer with very high temperatures"

Daniela M.